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Working together with our stakeholders

The Gialova project partners met and discussed next steps and management suggestions on how to achieve sustainable fishing, nature conservation and eco-tourism development in the years to come… The Gialova-project is a collaboration between NEO, the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research - HCMR, the Πανεπιστήμιο Ιωαννίνων, the Ιδρυμα Καπετάν Βασίλη και Κάρμεν Κωνσταντακόπουλου, the Management body of protected areas of S. Peloponnese & Kythira island, and Yialova Lagoon enterprise. The project brings researchers, practitioners and policy makers to work together for tackling challenges related to management of Gialova Lagoon wetland, and provides an example for other similar areas in Greece and around the Mediterranean.

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