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Atmospheric Composition and Aerosol Dynamics


Comprehensive evaluation of the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) reanalysis against independent observations: Reactive gases (2021)
Wagner, A., Υ. Bennouna, Α-Μ. Blechschmidt, G. Brasseur, S. Chabrillat, Y. Christophe, et al.,  Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene.


A Modeling Study on the Downslope Wind of “Katevatos” in Greece and Implications for the Battle of Arachova in 1826 (2021)
Solomos, S., P.T. Nastos, D. Emmanouloudis, A.  Koutsouraki, C. Zerefos,  Atmosphere, 12, 993.


Sixteen Years of Measurements of Ozone over Athens, Greece with a Brewer Spectrophotometer (2021)
Eleftheratos, K., D. Kouklaki, C. Zerefos,  Oxygen, 1, 32–45.


Possible Effects of Greenhouse Gases to Ozone Profiles and DNA Active UV-B Irradiance at Ground Level (2020)
Eleftheratos K., Kapsomenakis J., Zerefos C., Bais A., Fountoulakis I., Dameris M., Jöckel P., et al.,  Atmosphere, 11 (3): 1–19.


Representativeness of single lidar stations for zonally averaged ozone profiles, their trends and attribution to proxies (2018)
Zerefos, C. S., Kapsomenakis, J., Eleftheratos, K., Tourpali, K., Petropavlovskikh, I., Hubert, D., Godin-Beekmann, S., Steinbrecht, W., Frith, S., Sofieva, V., and Hassler, B., Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 18, 6427-6440.


Climatology of Upper Air Temperature Over the Mediterranean. Trends and Variability (2017)
Philandras, C. M.; Kapsomenakis, J.; Nastos, P. T.; Repapis, C.; Zerefos, C. S., Perspectives on Atmospheric Sciences, 565-576


Dust impact on surface solar irradiance assessed with model simulations, satellite observations and ground-based measurements (2017)
Kosmopoulos, P. G., Kazadzis, S., Taylor, M., Athanasopoulou, E., Speyer, O., Raptis, P. I., Marinou, E., Proestakis, E., Solomos, S., Gerasopoulos, E., Amiridis, V., Bais, A., and Kontoes, C.,
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 10, 2435–2453


Variability of ozone in the Eastern Mediterranean during a 7-year study (2016)
Kopanakis I., Glytsos T., Kouvarakis G., Gerasopoulos E., Mihalopoulos N., Lazaridis M., Air Quality Atmosphere & Health 9 (5)


Retrieval of aerosol optical depth in the visible range with a Brewer spectrophotometer in Athens (2016)
Diémoz, H., Eleftheratos, K., Kazadzis, S., Amiridis, V., and Zerefos, C. S., Atmos. Meas. Tech., 9, 1871–1888


The Etesians: from observations to reanalysis (2016)
Dafka S., Xoplaki E., Toreti A., Zanis P., Tyrlis E., Zerefos C., Luterbacher J., Clim Dyn 47, 1569–1585. 


Effect of Climate Change Projections on Forest Fire Behavior and Values-at-Risk in Southwestern Greece  (2015)

Kalabokidis K., Palaiologou P., Gerasopoulos E., Giannakopoulos C., Kostopoulou E, Zerefos C., Forests, 6, 2214-2240. 


Prediction of climate change impacts on cotton yields in Greece under eight climatic models using the AquaCrop crop simulation model and discriminant function analysis  (2015)

Voloudakis D., Karamanos A., Economou G., Kalivas D., Vahamidis P., Kotoulas V., Kapsomenakis J., Zerefos C.,  Agricultural Water Management, 147. 


Further evidence of important environmental information content in red-to-green ratios as depicted in paintings by great masters (2014)
Zerefos, C.S., Tetsis, P., Kazantzidis A., Amiridis V., Zerefos S.C., Luterbacher J., Eleftheratos K., Gerasopoulos E., Kazadzis S., Papayannis A., Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 14, pp 1–29.


Evidence for an earlier greenhouse cooling effect in the stratosphere before the 1980s over the Northern Hemisphere (2014)

Zerefos, C.S., Tourpali, K., Zanis, P., Eleftheratos, K., Repapis, C., Goodman, A., Wuebbles, D., Isaksen, I.S.A., Luterbacher, J., Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 14, pp 7705-7720.


Aerosol chemical composition at NEO (Eastern Mediterranean) during the ARGON 2012 summer campaign (2013)
Liakakou E., Gerasopoulos E., Paraskevopoulou D., Zarbas P., Theodosi C., Kalivitis N., Maneas G., Mihalopoulos N., Zerefos C.

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Modeling the chemical and radiative effects of aerosol during the wildfires of 2007 in Greece (2013)

Athanasopoulou E., Rieger, D., Walter, C., Vogel, H., Vogel, B., Gerasopoulos, E.

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Night-time enhanced atmospheric ion concentrations in the marine boundary layer (2012)

Kalivitis, N., Stavroulas, I., Bougiatioti, A., Kouvarakis, G., Gagné, S., Manninen, H. E., Kulmala, M., Mihalopoulos, N., Atmospheric Chemistry Physics, 12, pp 3627-3638.


Evidence of a possible turning point in solar UV-B over Canada, Europe and Japan (2012)

Zerefos, C.S., Tourpali, K., Eleftheratos, K., Kazadzis, S., Meleti, C., Feister, U., Koskela, T., Heikkilä, A., Atmospheric Chemistry Physics, 12, pp 2469-2477.

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