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Biodiversity and Ecosystems, Conservation and Restoration


Understanding coastal wetland conditions and futures by closing their hydrologic balance: the case of the Gialova lagoon, Greece (2020)
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Inventory and Connectivity Assessment of Wetlands in Northern Landscapes with a Depression-Based DEM Method (2020)
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Status and Distribution of Waterbirds in a Natura 2000 Area: The Case of Gialova Lagoon, Messinia, Greece (2020)
Maneas G., Bousbouras D., Norrby V. and Berg H., Front. Ecol., Evol. 8:501548.


Unravelling diverse values of ecosystem services: a socio-cultural valuation using Q methodology in Messenia, Greece (2020)
Maniatakou S., Berg H., Maneas, G., and Daw T. M., Sustainability, 12:10320. 


Data for wetlandscapes and their changes around the world  (2019) 


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Priorities and Interactions of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with Focus on Wetlands (2019)
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Wetlands as large-scale nature-based solutions: Status and challenges for research, engineering and management (2017)
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Meet Adonis, Europe’s oldest dendrochronologically dated tree  (2017)

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Chemotaxonomy in some Mediterranean plants and implications for fossil biomarker records (2017)

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