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Agriculture and Food Systems


Agro-ecological services delivered by legume cover crops grown in succession with grain corn crops in the Mediterranean region (2021)


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Short-Term Impact of Tillage on Soil and the Hydrological Response within a Fig (Ficus Carica) Orchard in Croatia (2020)


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Comparing the soundscapes of organic and conventional olive groves: A potential method for bird diversity monitoring (2019)


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Data-driven analysis of nutrient inputs and transfers through nested catchments  (2018) 


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Prediction of climate change impacts on cotton yields in Greece under eight climatic models using the AquaCrop crop simulation model and discriminant function analysis  (2015)

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Effect of Climate Change Projections on Forest Fire Behavior and Values-at-Risk in Southwestern Greece  (2015)

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Modeling potential water resource impacts of Mediterranean tourism in a changing climate (2015)

Klein, J., Ekstedt, K., Walter, M.T., Lyon, S.W., Environmental Modeling and Assessment, 20(2), pp 117-128.  


Impact of Climate Change on Tourism Development of Sensitive Areas of Greece. Pilot Implementation: Messinia—Areas of Integrated Tourism Development (2014)

XENIOS project (Zerefos, Gerasopoulos, Karakousis), National project funded by NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework) 2007-2013

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