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Masters’ course in Ecohydrology

MSc students attending the course "Ecohydrology: a Mediterranean perspective" (Department of Physical Geography, Stockholm University) visited NEO for a week of lectures, field work and excursions. They were givven lectures by Fernando Jaramillo, Feifei Cao, Daniel Althoff, and Giorgos Maneas in order to be prepared for their field work. Divided in 3 groups they studied 3 different topics:

1.Water quality gradients of Coastal Wetlands - a case study on the Gialova Lagoon

The students measured the spatial distribution of water quality parameters (pH, temperature, and salinity) in the lagoon to see how the freshwater and saltwater inputs on opposite sides of the lagoon affects this distribution. They also did some additional measurements in the wetland channels. During summer, freshwater contribution to the lagoon was found to be minimal and did not affect the distribution of salinity in the lagoon and they saw intrusion of salt into the wetland channels.

2. Investigating the spatial variability of nutrient in water samples

The samples were taken from six selected sources – five wells and a canal, around Gialova lagoon. The samples were analyzed in the lab and the concentration of Nitrate, nitrite, phosphate and ammonium determined.

3.Measuring soil moisture of agricultural land in a Mediterranean climate

A soil moisture study at three different locations was performed to investigate the soil moisture content for different vegetation types (Olive tree orchard, Vineyard field), elevations, and soil types. Further precipitation was simulated, and the on-site conditions were changed artificially to obtain the behavior of soil moisture content due to changed scenarios (disturbing the soil, Mulching).

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