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Course at NEO

The class 17NAD from the NaSa-programme at #VärmdöGymnasium visited NEO in October. This was the eighth year that a student group from Värmdö Gymnasium visited NEO. The group participated in several excursions and fieldwork activities in the area. Among others, they learned about the #oliveharvesting process, developed #fieldmeasurements in the #GialovaLagoon, and visited the archaeological site of #Palaiokastro. Moreover, they had the opportunity to interview some local people about their relations with the #Natura2000 areas such as Gialova lagoon.

The main objective for the whole trip was to further understand the dynamics of nature conservation. The students worked in small groups and did research about a topic of their own choice, for instance beach-protection, bio-farming, soil quality assessment, olive oil harvesting, etc. Their task was to balance the views of scientists and scientific research, with interviews and viewpoints of local stakeholders. Finally, they studied the geography of Greece and the Mediterranean Sea, Greek history, and religion.

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