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Regional and local stakeholders





















If you want to:

  • gain access to understandable knowledge and findings relevant to your environmental challenges and economic development,

  • find ways to co-exist in a regional and local setting that is sustainable for the environment as well as for your own business,

  • be part of a dynamic network in the forefront of attaining sustainable development with the opportunity to meet experts face to face,

then NEO provides:

  • a platform where local and regional stakeholders can exchange ideas and experiences through open discussions and informal events,

  • innovative perspectives on current problems and how to adapt to climate change and sustainability challenges,

  • the opportunity to co-create research and projects in areas relevant to the local and regional context,

  • contribution to a long-term sustainable context where it is available for future generations to prosper.

Find out more at NEO’s website or attend the next informal event at Café NEO – we are eager to discuss how we can benefit from each other’s work!

Co-working space

At NEO, innovative regional research and partnerships where findings get into practice, offers the best chance to create a more sustainable future. NEO offers opportunities for ongoing dialogues between scientists, politicians, entrepreneurs, tourist sector, fishermen, farmers and other local and regional stakeholders. For you, NEO provides an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences through open discussions and informal events, as well as to co-create research ideas in relevant areas. This makes it possible for NEO to integrate your experiences and knowledge into research and better address current climate change and sustainability challenges in Mediterranean societies. Such involvement results in higher societal resilience to climate change and its impacts.

Let's work together to push the boundaries of sustainability and build a better future!

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