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If you want to:

  • provide fact- and science-based environmental policies to address the most pressing issues of the 21th century, i.e. climate change and sustainability challenges,

  • show your constituency and partners that you are engaged in solving societal challenges with a science-based approach,

  • be part of a network that provides cross-sector dialogue (science, business, society and policy makers) to gain a holistic understanding of climate change and sustainable challenges and solutions,

then NEO provides:

  • a communication hub where politicians can directly contact, discuss, exchange ideas and knowledge with local, regional stakeholders, scientists and business sectors,

  • accessible, understandable, scalable research on climate change and sustainability, and the opportunity to update regulations on science-based results,

  • the opportunity for politicians, policy makers to get background and policy-supportive knowledge and initiate projects in line with initiatives of the European Commission (e.g. Horizon Europe), and to highlight challenges in need of structural development,

  • a network in the forefront of attaining sustainable development with high-level conferences and forums.

NEO needs you to follow up with policies and regulations and drive change on a larger scale – let’s discuss how!

Assembly Hall

NEO is a pioneer hub where science, business, society and policy makers join to create a more sustainable future in the Mediterranean region. With innovative research on climate change and sustainability challenges, a natural laboratory and an extensive researchers network, NEO enables us to bridge the gaps between societal actors and turn research into actions. For you, it could mean a research-based societal and environmental risk assessment and goal-oriented policies to reduce environmental degradation and enhance societal resilience.

Together we can push boundaries and create Mediterranean role models for a sustainable future!

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