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Internship @ NEO

The purpose of the internship is to provide students with the opportunity to work at a field station and to get experience in combining practical and theoretical scientific work. The internship is based on teamwork and all interns are expected to be engaged in fieldwork activities, laboratory work, literature review and data analysis. The focus of this internship is to monitor and map these pressures.  

3. Visitors perception on the wetland’s Ecosystem Services (1 or 2 positions)
Ecosystem Services (ES) are the services of the environment to the people. The concept is increasingly used worldwide to improve the management of multi-functional  areas, such as the complex socio-ecological system of Gialova Lagoon wetland. The focus of this traineeship is to map the perception of visitors visiting the area.

4. Monitoring of  atmospheric pollutants (1 position)
NEO researchers, in collaboration with National Hellenic Meteorological Service, have established an Atmospheric Observation Station at Methoni, a coastal site at SW Greece (36° 49' 32'' N, 21° 42' 17'' E, 50 m a.s.l.), in order to track climate change signals and air pollution. It is an important part of a European Network and fills the gap of missing data from this part of Europe. The focus of this traineeship is the engagement in maintenance of instruments and data analysis. 

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