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If you want to:

  • improve your operations and business models to become more efficient and sustainable by tapping into innovative research and cutting-edge knowledge,

  • test and evaluate the reliability and adaptation of your products and actions under global changes,

  • improve your brand in relation to customers, employees and partners, by being part of a network in the forefront of attaining sustainable development,

then NEO provides:

  • facilities and opportunities for evaluation of business and industrial activities to make them adapt to regional and global environmental targets,

  • the opportunity for entrepreneurs and small businesses to get involved in ongoing projects as mentors or inspirational examples,

  • a scientific basis for new and tangible social, economic and environmental achievements as well as how to act and operate in a more sustainable way, 

  • a business opportunity for companies who initiate research and projects in line with initiatives of the European Commission (e.g. Horizon Europe),

  • a network in the forefront of attaining sustainable development.

Take the opportunity to explore NEO’s projects, research, partnerships and publications at our website – and get in touch to discuss your options!


NEO is a pioneer hub where science, business, society and policy makers join to create a more sustainable future in the Mediterranean region. With innovative research on climate change and sustainability challenges, a natural laboratory and an extensive network, NEO enables us to bridge the gaps between societal actors and turn research into actions. For you, it could mean a goal-oriented research-based business model with higher sustainability.

Draw knowledge from NEO’ research and network to increase efficiency and advance your position in sustainability!

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