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If you want to:

  • be involved in relevant scientific projects and generate data and knowledge,

  • offer projects, attractive research and high-quality education to students and researchers,

then NEO:

  • offers a research station in an environment that presents unique possibilities for cutting-edge research and education,

  • presents a database developed based on its 10-year research addressing various aspects of environmental challenges and sustainability in the region,

  • provides an opportunity to turn science into real action faster, thanks to applied research and partnerships with business, society, policy makers and regional and local stakeholders.


Feel free to explore NEO’s work and welcome to join us!


NEO is a hub where science, business, society and policy makers join to create a more sustainable future in the Mediterranean region. With frontline research on climate change and sustainability challenges, a natural laboratory and an extensive network, NEO enables us to bridge the gaps between important societal actors and turn research into actions. For you, it could mean evaluating identified transition pathways and regulations by research-based approaches.

Draw strength from NEO’s research, network and natural laboratory. Together we can make an impact!

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